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Why work at Ethagi

Working at Ethagi will provide you with an opportunity to:

Work in a cutting edge technology field: Deep learning and AGI pre-cursor development is a burgeoning growth area that could ultimately be a foundation for economic growth in the coming decades.

Enjoy personal and professional growth: Obtain domain expertise in artificial general intelligence and it's associated sociological and economic implications.

Make a real difference: Be a part of an organization that could profoundly influence the course of technology development and it's impact on society.


Erik A. Otto, Managing Director of Ethagi

Erik A. Otto is an accomplished healthcare industry executive, biotech investor and technologist, now turned science fiction author and philanthropist. He was recently President and Co-Founder of InSpark Technologies, a digital health company that applied advanced pattern recognition algorithms to warn people with diabetes in advance of periods of risk. Erik led a team to develop, launch and market a mobile medical device system under a CFR Part 820 Quality System. Prior to InSpark, Erik was a business development executive at Johnson & Johnson for 12 years. Erik has published a number of scientific papers, presented at scientific conferences, and is an inventor on several patents.

Erik’s most recent novel, called Detonation, is an immersive, action-packed narrative that is a cautionary reflection on our own innovation-obsessed culture. It follows two societies that are connected, but centuries apart, and their struggle against a superintelligent machine.

Erik lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and two children.

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