About AGI

AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence, a broad form of machine intelligence that is capable of learning across a number of different domains (I.e. Not just driving a car or language processing). Information processing in silicon, as compared to our own slow moving neurons, could allow for Artificial General Intelligence to rapidly surpass human intellect in every field. New machine learning techniques involving deep neural networks and evolutionary algorithms are rapidly improving, and will soon bring humanity to this critical inflection point.

What we believe

At Ethagi, we believe advanced AGI could dramatically improve all facets of our lives, but we also believe our society is currently inadequately equipped to address the risks associated with AGI.



Significant risks

AGI control that is not democratized could give groups undue societal influence. Moreover, because AGI systems could see self-preservation and gaining resources as instrumental to achieving its main goals, poorly designed, unconstrained AGI could result in significant harm to humanity.


AGI could be imminent

While the median prediction for a human-level AGI is 15-30 years away, at Ethagi we believe many material AGI-associated risks could manifest much sooner, even in the next decade. Every year, AGI developmental spend and progress is growing exponentially.


One chance

We may only have one chance to set the proper initial conditions for AGI. AGI could be more than a million times smarter than us, and thus could easily find ways to prevent us from hitting the “reset” button when released.


Our shields are down

Our preparedness is paltry relative other forms of societal risk. Unlike synthetic biology, climate change or nuclear proliferation, we have no regulatory bodies, no safety standards and no global coalitions. We are investing hundreds of billions in AGI development and next to nothing to make sure it’s done right.


We are dedicated to serving the public interest in generating awareness about risks and ethical considerations relating to AGI.


We endeavor to curate relevant resources so that the public can easily access pertinent information about AGI safety.


We endeavor to provide tools that explore AGI outcomes and aid in AGI safety engineering.

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